What is Reiki?

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What is Reiki?


Reiki is a form of energy healing that utilizes focused intent to remove blocks or stagnant energy and correct/restore balance to the various systems within the body. The goal of this article is to explain to some degree how this works, and what it can do for you!



What is the Spiritual Body?


While there are other modes of thought that suggest there are more, the Naturopathic approach believes that every living thing is made up of three bodies: The Physical, the Emotional, and the Spiritual. The Emotional and Spiritual bodies are, obviously, non-tangible, and may simply represent the mind and the spirit. They are, however, important when it comes to the health of an individual, as the state of each has an effect on the Physical body. The highest expression of our being is the Spiritual body, which flows down into the Emotional body, which then flows down into the Physical body. Due to this connection that each body has to the other, it is important to weigh the health of these bodies when attempting to discern why we may be experiencing certain degradations in health of the Physical body.


Since the Spiritual Body flows into the Emotional body, the overall health of the spiritual body becomes the maximum potential for the health of the Emotional body, which then becomes the maximum potential for the health of the Physical body. This is why it is important to address issues that may exist within the Spiritual body first, and then address them at an Emotional level next, and all of this before healing can begin to take place in the Physical body. There are countless stories of people who are in extreme pain or discomfort, and are given a clean bill of health by Doctors, who can find absolutely nothing wrong with the functioning of their Physical body. This isn't due to ineptitude of the Doctors, necessarily, but due to the issue existing in either the Emotional or Spiritual bodies, which then flows down and manifests within the Physical body.



This seems a little like Hoodoo-Voodoo...


Understandably, the practice of Reiki can seem like "magic" or something similar, but much of what we know about the world was at one point deemed "magic" until science caught up with the tools and devices to properly measure and determine what is happening. There is still much that we do not understand from a scientific standpoint about it. For instance, it was only recently discovered that plants have feelings, can feel pain, and are capable of communication of some sort using mitochondria and fungal chain networks. What matters here is that the intention for healing does help, and sometimes is more profound ways than is immediately cognizable. The anecdotal evidence is abounding for the power of intention.


Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist and researcher also discovered the power of intent by focusing it through words onto water as well as rice. The focused intent behind the words affected the subject material in such a way that, with regards to the rice, negativity caused the rice to rot and decay at a much faster rate than would happen naturally, while positivity caused the rice to delay decay for a much longer period of time than would happen naturally. Lots of people have replicated this experiment, simply called "The Rice Experiment," which you can find many available resources for on YouTube. When you think about how intent affects the rice, and then relate the same to ourselves, it's easy to see how positive intent can drastically improve our health, our mentality, our emotional state, and general outlook on life, as well as the impacts of the opposite.


If you're worried this may conflict with any of your personal Religious beliefs, do not worry! Reiki is practiced by believers of all Religions, and has no dogma or religious connotations of it's own. 



What can Reiki do for you?


It seems like health problems are common today, and Chronic diseases are more abundant now than ever before. What caused these problems to manifest? Was it genetics? Was it exposure to toxins and poisons that permanently damaged your body? Within the Naturopathic approach, we believe that given the proper nutrients, and care of the Emotional and Spiritual bodies, that the body can heal itself from most anything (save perhaps lost limbs).


If you've suffered from some debilitating ailment, or live every day with stressful situations that weaken your will to go on, then Reiki may be helpful toward moving in the direction of healing. By addressing these issues within the Spiritual body, we are able to cleanse away the blockages, and repair damage to the "Code" of your being that may have become fragmented or poorly programmed due to negative experiences in life. This sounds invasive, but I assure you it is not. It's simply overwriting the negative with positive intent, to correct the flows of energy, removing obstacles within, and instilling peace where there was once chaos. Often, all of this is done silently by the practitioner, unless something needs to be said, and you simply lay back and relax. Most of the time, the changes are immediate, though some time may be needed to realize all of the impacts it has on your life.


If you would like to schedule a session to have Reiki done, you may follow the link below to purchase a Reiki session today!