Cross Himalayan Salt Lamp

New Cross Himalayan Salt Lamp

Each Salt Lamp has a rosewood base, stainless steel screws, UL listed on/off switch, and a 15 or 25-watt bulb.  Dimmer cords available for a small upgrade.

The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Purifies the Air

Removes bacteria, dust, allergens, smoke, and mold spores from the air by neutralizing the static charge that these particles naturally carry.

Reduces Stress

Produces negative ions which are believed to produce beneficial biochemical reactions in our bloodstream that increase levels of serotonin and improve oxygen flow to the brain.

Negative Ionizer

The negative ions produced by the lamps do more than just purify the air and reduce stress in the body.  By counteracting the overwhelming amount of positive ions emitted by our electronic devices and pollution in our air, it has been shown to be beneficial for not only respiratory issues but also blood conditions, allergies, headaches & migraines, as well as insomnia.

*Using Salt lamps, although beneficial, are not a replacement for medical care.

Read more about how salt lamps work here!

When purchasing a salt lamp, consider the size of the room it will be placed.  Each pound of a salt lamp will cover a 1-foot radius around the lamp.  Example:  A 10lb Salt lamp will cover a 10-foot radius. 

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